Shoalhaven Diamond Dot Classes came into existence in July 2019, a pivotal moment in our lives when a crossroads presented itself. The Mancave Guru had transformed our double garage rumpus room into his home office and gaming haven, poised to embark on home-based studies.

  • Sparkles Jen intervened, declaring, "You cannot have your study and gaming all together in one room. You will need to separate those things." This proclamation left us with a spare double garage rumpus room, sparking the question: What could we transform it into? The answer emerged as an art studio, a space for people to gather and explore their creative passions.

    Enter Jen, affectionately known as "Sparkles," who had been acquiring diamond painting kits from her uncle-in-law in China. The backstory unfolds with a unique twist – through marriage, Jen gained a Chinese aunt, whose family owned a factory producing various items, including diamond painting kits.

  • Intrigued friends and acquaintances, upon seeing Sparkles Jen's kits, began inquiring about their origin and subsequently requested her to procure specific kits for them. This marked the inception of Shoalhaven Diamond Dot Classes.

    By our first birthday in August 2020, a decision was made to rebrand the business, as the original name failed to resonate with either of us. The new moniker, Shoalhaven Sparklies, stood as a more fitting reflection of our identity and aspirations.

  • Jen, affectionately known as Sparkles Jen, spent her early years in Bellevue Heights, nestled in the Adelaide foothills. Growing up in a family business specializing in electrical goods, she started honing her customer service skills at the tender age of 13, assisting during school holidays.

    Post-graduation, Jen dedicated herself full-time to the family enterprise until its eventual sale. Subsequently, she delved into call center work, showcasing her customer service expertise across diverse industries like energy, communications, insurance, and government departments.

  • In 2006, a significant shift occurred as the entire family relocated to Nowra on the South Coast of NSW. Jen, or Sparkles, continued her customer service journey in various local companies until a pivotal moment led her to establish Shoalhaven Diamond Dot Classes.

    However, the journey was not without challenges. In December 2021, Jen faced the loss of her beloved father. Seeking solace and support, her mother stepped in to assist with the business. Tragically, in March 2023, Jen's mother also passed away, rejoining her father.

  • In the face of these profound losses and life-altering events, Shoalhaven Sparklies made the decision to relocate to St Georges Basin. The studio found a new home in this serene location, providing a fresh start after the upheavals.

    Beyond her affinity for all things sparkly, Sparkles Jen finds joy in essential oils, indulging in Judge Judy, spending time with animals, navigating the wonders of IKEA, and immersing herself in nature. Her interests extend to an impressive collection of jewellery, lip balms, and hand cream. While she appreciates a diverse array of foods, her love for gelato shines the brightest.

  • Mancave Guru's roots trace back to the outskirts of Adelaide, a stark contrast to Sparkles Jen's distant Adelaide foothills world. Growing up on a family farm, his life took a turn when a caravan trip swept his family across the vast expanse of Australia.

    In his professional journey, Mancave Guru has donned many hats—computer sales, factory work, scheduling, electrical sales, and the amusingly labeled stint as a "box monkey" in a warehouse.

  • Presently, he's immersed in the realm of electronics and software engineering with a parallel pursuit of Mechatronics at university, a commitment that occasionally trims his availability for Shoalhaven Sparklies endeavours.

    With an uncanny knack for fixing things, crafting whatever can be made, and solving problems, the Mancave Guru is a versatile force. Yet, spare time is a luxury, glimpsed only rarely.

  • His heart lies in the mancave, adorned with tools, pool table, cars, electronic gadgets, and computers. Notably, spicy foods find no favour with him, and allergies to fresh fruits and vegetables add a unique dimension to his daily life (Oral Allergy Syndrome fyi).

    In essence, the Mancave Guru emerges as a well-rounded individual, seamlessly blending pure logic, practical prowess and a profound love for the distinctive elements that define a mancave.


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