noun: transformation; plural noun: transformations

  • 1.a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.

Where did we begin? With an empty room and one dining table set that needed to be reupholstered.

The cats also enjoyed this fabric a little too much

The cats also enjoyed this fabric, maybe a little too much!

Next I found a secondhand large square table and eight chairs which also needed to be reupholstered.

So it was time to pick fabrics. Living near to Jervis Bay the colours of blue and teal seemed to be a natural choice but these are also my favourite colours so it wasn't hard to choose them.

This was a mammoth task that took us several days but we got there in the end and I was very happy with the end result. This fabric is kind of velvety.

We also covered the tables with teal fabric.

The fabric is named Petrol. So gorgeous!

Kits began to arrive..

We put them up on the wall.

Back in those days we had room for other art on the walls - these days it is all Diamond Painting kits. And even then we sometimes cannot fit them all on the wall.

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