Shoalhaven Sparklies

noun: evolution; plural noun: evolutions

the gradual development of something."the forms of written languages undergo constant evolution"

We have now been open one year.

When we first began the business in 2019 most local people I spoke to did not know anything about diamond painting. I had been making them for several years myself, for family and friends. However the craft really was less known back in those days.

So we decided to hold "classes" - those who had done the craft were a bit baffled - it is so easy, what do people need to learn? This is how our first name "Shoalhaven Diamond Dot Classes" was born.

Even though the name seemed fairly self explanatory we had to do a lot of explaining about what this craft involved to people who had never heard of it before.

Once you pick up the pink pen and have a go, it doesn't take long for you to understand how it works and keep adding your dots onto the picture. But there is still so much more to know!

I never was a huge fan of the word classes so over time we began calling the sessions Diamond Dot Workshops.

When we went to build the website we did not even stop to think about the name because it was just what we'd known for so long, plus by now we were so busy we didn't sit down and discuss possible options.

Birthdays are a good time to sit down and take stock of the past and plan for the future. When Sparkles Jen and Mancave Guru talked about the business, we realised neither of us truly loved the name. So we brainstormed possible new options and drumroll..

Shoalhaven Sparklies is our new name! Please bear with us while we switch over to our newly named future. :)

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