Order status - what do they mean?

Last time we showed you how to log into your Shoalhaven Sparklies account.

Once you log into your account to view your order, you will see a status next to your order. In this blog post we will talk about what those status mean.

Be aware we have recently made some changes to this system so the status you saw previously for your order may not mean the same thing as it does today.

On Hold -

This now means that you have chosen Direct Bank Transfer as your payment option - the system automatically places your order on hold.

We used to use this as a parking status for orders we were waiting to receive the stock on - not anymore. We now have a new status for that which is..... drumroll -

Awaiting Stock -

This means you have chosen an item that is on back order, we might be making a custom tray for you or perhaps you have ordered a Helen's Haven kit which needs to be custom made for you.

Processing -

This status is the one your order will automatically switch to once your payment has gone through if you chose credit card, paypal or Afterpay.

Once we receive your order for an item that is in stock it will usually remain in processing status until it has been picked, packed and posted - once that is done your order status will switch to Completed.

Picking - Packing - Posting

We ship three days a week - the cut off times for your orders are -

Sunday 4pm for Monday shipping

Wednesday 10am for Wednesday shipping

Friday 10am for Friday shipping

Stock ready for pickup -

If your order was a local pickup order, once we have picked the stock and put it aside for you, your order will move to this status. This means you can arrive at Shoalhaven Sparklies and collect your item.

If you wish to attend outside our normal opening hours please send Sparkles Jen a message and she will try to accommodate you.

Other Status You Might See -

Stock Allocated -

There is only one time this status will be used - if you have placed an order but do not wish for us to ship it to you as yet - perhaps you are waiting on another item to come in and you want them all to ship in the same package.

We can hold stock for a limited time as we do not have a huge amount of space but we will always try to help bundle your items together if you want to save on postage.

Payment Pending -

All orders go to this status at first - they do not usually stay in this status for very long perhaps less than a minute. You may not ever see it.

Cancelled -

This means you cancelled your order. Cancelled orders do remain in the system and cannot be removed.

Failed -

This means that payment failed for some reason. Failed orders do remain in the system and cannot be removed.

Refunded -

This means we have given you a refund. Refunded orders do remain in the system and cannot be removed.

Thanks for reading!

This post might seem mundane however people often have questions about their order status and this post seeks to assist in answering those questions.

Next time we will discuss placing orders for Helen's Haven kits. You might want to wander over to Helen's Facebook page and here is a direct link to the photo albums so you can take a look at the available photos! There are so many to choose from. Helen can also custom make you a design.

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