40×50 Magical Owl


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40×50 full drill kit -To get the details in this image I RECOMMEND 40×60 minimum size.

These kits can be ordered in a number of sizes. They are all full drill kits with ROUND DRILLS ONLY.

Be aware some of these designs need to be large in order for all the details to appear. Bigger will always be better but it is YOUR art work so you get to choose the size.

I will have recommended minimum sizes on each photo but you can order them smaller if you want.

Some of the designs are square shapes suitable for 40×40, 50×50, 60×60, 70×70 and 80×80. Some of the designs are rectangles and can be ordered in 40×50,40×60, 50×60, 50×90, 60×80 and 75×120.

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