Shoalhaven Sparklies

Creativity on the South Coast

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Shoalhaven Sparklies

Creativity on the South Coast

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Shoalhaven Diamond Dot Classes was born in July 2019 when our lives appeared at a crossroads. The Mancave Guru had our double garage rumpus room as his home office and gaming room.

He was about to start studying from home and Sparkles Jen said to him – you cannot have your study and gaming all together in one room. You will need to separate those things.

This left us with a spare double garage rumpus room. Hmm.. what could we put in here? Why not make an art studio where people could come together and create things?


Sparkles Jen was already purchasing diamond painting kits from her uncle in law in China – long story there but some years ago I gained a Chinese Aunt and the family has a factory where they make many things, diamond painting kits among them.

People kept asking her where she got the kits from, and then asking her to order them what they wanted, and Shoalhaven Diamond Dot Classes was born.

On our first birthday in August 2020, we chose to rename the business as neither of us really loved the first name. Shoalhaven Sparklies is so much more us. 😉

About Sparkles Jen

Sparkles Jen grew up in Adelaide in the Adelaide foothills in a suburb known as Bellevue Heights. Her family had a business selling electrical goods and from the age of 13 she worked there in customer service in school holidays. Upon finishing school she worked in the family business full time until the family sold the business.

After that Sparkles Jen moved into call centre work as a customer service specialist across many different industries – energy, communications, insurance, government departments.

In 2006 the entire family moved to Nowra on the South Coast of NSW. Sparkles Jen continued her customer service work in various local companies until one day.. she began Shoalhaven Diamond Dot Classes.

Sparkles Jen obviously loves sparkly things but she also likes essential oils, Judge Judy, animals, IKEA, nature, and has a large collection of jewellery, lip balms and hand cream. She loves most foods but especially loves gelato.

About Mancave Guru

Mancave Guru also grew up mostly in Adelaide but out north at the total opposite end of the world from Sparkles Jen. He spent time on a family farm until one day the family went on a long trip around Australia in a caravan.

The Mancave Guru has worked in many different industries across many different kinds of jobs – computer sales, factory work, scheduling in a factory, electrical sales, a job he likes to call “box monkey” in a warehouse, and currently works for a local company that makes drones.

He also is studying Mechatronics at university which does impact on the amount of time he can spend working on Shoalhaven Sparklies related things.

If it breaks, he can fix it. If it can be made, he can make it. If you’ve got a problem, he can solve it. When he has spare time. 🙂 which is rare.

The Mancave Guru loves the mancave and things you would find in a mancave like tools, a pool table, fast cars, electronic gadgets and computers. He does not like spicy food and is allergic to many fruits and vegetables.

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